Monday, October 1, 2012

Up The Creek 2012

The First Annual "Up the Creek" run went off without a hitch, well maybe not a hitch, but it did have downed trees, boulders, mud slides, sand, water, logs and more. This was a top secret underground run, it was by invite only and if I told you where it actually was held at I would have to kill you, so don't ask.  Rather than try to explain the course, I decided to just show it to you.

Oh and I invited my daughter to run, I told her it was the "Up the Creek" run.  She must not have understood what that meant, because when we got to the creek, she said that she really wanted to curse.  I told her, you're not 21 so you can't.  Even though she got 3rd place, she still says she will never do it again.  I will say she toughed it out, her legs got caught in some limbs and she had large deep scraps from her knee to her waist on both sides, when I saw them I knew they hurt.

This video highlights her trek through the creek.  Oh and the music playing in the back ground is courtesy my son.

See you next year, that is if you are lucky enough to get in.