Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Guide to Having Your Tailbone Removed

This guide will walk you through the process of getting your tailbone removed in a step by step format.

Step 1

Go to a stupid Warrior Dash, slide down a muddy hill at the end of the race, hit a rock and break your tailbone off.

Step 2

Go to the doctor and find out that you shouldn't to do anything for six weeks during the middle of adventure race season

Step 3

Play Internet doctor and DO NOT FOLLOW a real doctors orders, then end up taking the time off months later and then a year later, you finally figure it out and you need your broken tailbone removed.

Step 4

Get the tailbone removed.

Get up early and ready to go to the hospital
Get ready for surgery
Do stupid things when you're under the influence of pain meds
Go for your first 2 mile walk 10 days after surgery
Second 2 mile walk 11 days out
Third 2 mile walk 12 days out 
Seeing friends running while out on my 4th 2 mile walk, SO Jealous 
Me waiting for my First pre-op run