Monday, November 29, 2010

Indian Camp Creek 2010

To cap off 2010, this Trek Mountain Girl thought it would be nice to have an early morning ride out at Indian Camp Creek near Moscow Mills, Missouri. There are miles of trails, with more climbing than you would think. We had a good turn out with some experienced and some fairly new riders.

We also picked up a few riders on the trial and gave them an escort to get them out of the woods. They also contacted us later to say they would like to come to any other rides we have, this is great news, we love picking up new riders. We rode two laps with the second lap covering some new trails, which had a substantial amount of climbing. Indian Camp Creek doesn’t have a lot of rock, but it can be treacherous in a few places, as Mike found out.

It’s not a good ride unless someone has blood to prove it.

My good friend Christi, who I have known for more years than I want to say came out to ride also. She is new to mountain biking and she really had a great time. I know we will be seeing more of her in the future.

I tried to take some video with my spy cam, but must have done something wrong, because all I had was about 5 seconds of seeing the front wheel of Chuck’s superfly. I wish I would have known how to the use the video function on that camera.

So we had a great ride, followed by some food and drinks and best of all, it was on Trek.

Thanks Trek for your support of mountain biking in the Midwest. We have had some great rides this year, thanks to Trek and the Trek Mountain Co-op.

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