Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Snow Run 2011

So it’s winter in the Midwest, that can mean many things, rain, snow, ice, cold, you never know what you will get from day to day. A week ago I was running one morning with only one shirt on and no jacket, thinking I was way over dressed. 3 days ago, I was running in a steady drizzle, but it was still above 40 degrees. Yesterday the story was much different.

On Wednesday night it started snowing about 9 pm and by 5 am Thursday morning we had over 10 inches of snow in Edwardsville. I like snow, but I like it about once a year, and I like it to stay only for a couple days. For some reason I don’t think this snow will be gone in a couple days. The weatherman said that it was the most snow our area has seen in over 10 years.

So, now that we have all this snow, what is a person to do, well if you are me and my friends, you go out and run in it.

You bring a dog and hope he clears a path for you, that’s what we did, Zilla the team mascot came along, but didn’t help much because he was checking out all the snow and none of it that was on the actual trail.

If the snow is really deep and you plan on doing a shorter loop than usual, what ever you do, don’t let Jim go first because he will just keep going and take you on the long loop anyway.

And Doug being the newest member of the group, just followed him, he didn’t know any better.

We were having a lot of fun sliding around in the snow and it was a tough workout, I am even a little sore from it today. It was a good time, even though I made everyone stop and get a picture. I couldn’t figure out the timer on the camera so it took a couple tries to get it to work. Oh well these guys are tough, they can get a little cold waiting for me to figure out the camera. Kate had decided to turn back a little early, so when we took the picture it was only, Jim, Doug, Patrick and me.

So we finished the run in the dark, and it took a lot longer to finish the course than it usually takes us. But we really had fun, and just being outside always makes me happy.

And the adventure van made it through the snow like a wiz, Pat’s adventure truck didn’t fare as well, he was having some problems and doing a lot of wheel spinning. Good thing is, while we waited for everyone to show up, he filled the back of the adventure truck with snow to help weight it down, plus it gave him a good place to sit.


  1. That crazy dog...I think he spent as much time on my heels as in front of us. Probably my slow pace brought out his killer instincts...either cut down the weak prey or at least herd the slow sheep forwards. :)

    I had a blast and was bummed to have to turn around, but we had to leave for the movies. Maybe some other time I'll manage the whole run.

  2. Zilla and I had a great run Thursday and today. It's great to see people loving the snow and trails. The Lewis and Clark trail had to be the most spectacular trails to run. Thank you for the invitation.