Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 2011 Trek Mountain Co-op Gear

Red has never been my color, I love the color red, but it not flattering when worn on my body. White is a nice color, it always looks crisp and always makes it feel like spring. A nice white button down shirt looks good with any jacket or even alone. I always feel like the sun is shinning when I wear white, but white bike shorts are a completely different story. I am not a fan of white bike shorts, do you know why, if you are male, I know what you’re thinking and that is just the reason I’m not a fan of white bike shorts. If I wear white bike shorts and start sweating, like I always do, I feel like I’m on spring break in Florida, trying out for a wet shorts contest. I worry that once wet, the shorts will be transparent and believe me, no one wants to see what I have to offer.

So when I heard that the new Trek kit for 2011 was going to be red and white, I was not very enthused about it. Yesterday the new kit showed up in my mailbox, so I decided to put it to the test. It was a fantastic day to ride, nice and warm, but a little windy. I climbed into my bibs, this is the first pair of bibs I have ever owned, and put on my jersey. Everything fit great and it looked pretty good with minimal sucking my gut in.

I grabbed my shoes, which happen to be red SIDI’s. They are really old and worn out and I had planned on getting a new pair this year, the newer version is not red though. Now that I’m in red and white, I guess I better stick it out with these shoes one more year. The worn red leather and cemented on mud, really compliments the new Trek gear. I grabbed my helmet, now I don’t have a red helmet, but I do have a LiveStrong helmet and we all know that a LiveStrong helmet will make any gear look fabulous.

So I took my new gear out for a test ride, even though my Trek Top Fuel was covered in mud, it didn’t pale the great look of the new Trek kit. I looked sharp and fast even if I’m not. After some miles of sweat on some intense terrain, I finished my ride with no chaffing, no see through shorts and feeling like I looked pretty sharp.

Time for the good, the bad and the ugly. So the good is, the gear fits great and the quality of the material is good enough not to be transparent after a little sweating. The bad is, I guess no new shoes for me this year, my old red SIDI’s look too good with the gear. As for the Ugly, there is no ugly, unless you get a view of me at just the right angle where a little gut sucking is needed.

It looks like it will be another good year riding for the Trek Mountain Co-op.

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  1. Very sharp looking! You look great in it.

    Bibs, huh? That'll make the bathroom stops fun.