Monday, May 21, 2012

Relay for Life 2012

The Metro Tri Club, also known as Team Godzilla, rallied the troops to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The run started at 7pm on Friday, but the team was out early putting up the club tent and the finish line. The site looked great, it was easily the best site of all, which isn’t just me thinking that because it was ours, because we won the Best Campsite Contest. We all wore the team colors proudly and people were talking about us all night, about how cool we looked and of course how we were running the entire night, when most people were walking and many times not on the track at all.

Rob was also there grilling chicken kabobs, awesome dogs, hamburgers and ribs.

The young Zillas and their friends were busy manning the food tent and picking up meat from the grill.

Those young ones also had a wiffleball game going on under the lights, they were the team to be beat, but they had no takers, they looked so tough, no one would play with them.

There was a party atmosphere around the event, including Zumba, a band, a scavenger hunt, a movie, dancers and trivia. Of course Patrick won a prize at trivia, he knows a lot of trivial stuff. We had an injury during Zumba, Deena pulled a muscle, see I knew Zumba was bad for you. It was not all fun and games though, the reason we were there was a serious matter and during the luminary ceremony a women told us her story of cancer, it was hard to listen to it and not cry. It sure reminds me of how blessed I am to have healthy kids. Our team was made up of Mike, Rick, Jeff, Andrea, Deena, Amy, Bad Brad, Mark, Wade, Robin, Russ, Jade, China, Madison and a few extras that came out to join, Patrick, RJ. We started out with a goal of running 75 miles as a team and we surpassed that. We had some big dogs running, with Rick, Jeff and Brad burning up the track and the rest of us plodding along. It also helped that some shifts we had 2 or more runners on the track at a time. In the end we ran a total of 95 miles, in less than 9 hours of running time. At the end we had 5 runners on the track and 10 minutes to go when they called for the last lap, if we would have gotten the extra 10 minutes, we would have finished another 5 miles and made that 100 mile mark. If we do participate in this event again next year, I’m sure we will break that 100 mile mark.

We had some teammates come out and cheer us on during the night, that was really cool and thanks to the Pres… Mike Wever for helping setup and breakdown camp, he even came by with Kathy after his wine tasting event to check on how the team was doing.

The BIGGEST Thanks of all goes to Andrea Mongler, for being our fearless team captain and pulling this event together for us, we would have not been able to do it without her. A thanks also goes to Andrea Wetzel for being part of the Relay for Life Committee. I think this was a great social event for the team, there was no pressure because it wasn’t a race, but you know how we are, since it wasn’t a race we made it a race against ourselves by making a mileage goal. Of course we surpassed that goal because we are Zillas and that’s just what we do.

Oh and one last thing, Mike H had the best time of all, I mean where else can you hang out with all your girlfriends and no one questions you.

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