Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Back

Finally, after 11 weeks off, I'm back.  I may not be fast at anything, but at least I'm working out again.  During the last week of February I got the OK from both the orthopedist and the heart doctor to start working out again.  My orthopedist gave me free rein, but the heart doctor said I could start on with half workouts.

So of course I listened to him, you know how I always listen to what the doctors tell me.  Mark and I went out for an easy 10 miles on the GORC trails. 

Getting ready to test the old body out
I got to test out how the tailbone was going to do on the seat of my mountain bike and how the old ticker was going to take riding the awesome single track.

Just joking, no CPR was really needed

The ride went great, I felt pretty good considering how out of shape I was, but the old heart worked well and the tailbone didn't hurt much during the ride.
Made it back, alive and well
The next day I went out for a run in the woods with my friend Jenny, we covered about 4 miles at a horribly slow pace, but I was just happy to be out there.
Going out for my first run
So now I have been working out for 4 weeks, my bike rides are getting longer, about 3 hours now and my runs are too, but I haven't run over 7 miles at in one run yet, I'm hoping to be up to 10 mile runs by the end of April.  Hopefully with time, will come speed.  I guess I will just keep working at it and soon the speed will come back.
And as a gift to myself for being really good and taking the full 11 weeks off, like the doctor instructed, I bought myself an CX/Adventure bike. I just got it Friday night and rode it Saturday, but then the stupid snow came on Sunday and I haven't been on it again.
Me and my new Cannondale SuperX
Even though I didn't get to ride on Sunday, I did find something fun to do in the snow.
Out in the the snow with the kids and Ella Pitsgerald

I hope by summer to be back and track and be able to race in USARA Nationals with Chuck.

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  1. Glad you're back!! And you're waaaay ahead of me on the bike mileage.