Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm 2011

The Midwest was hit with the ice storm of the century. The St Louis area ended the two day storm with about 4 inches of ice and an inch of snow on top of the ice. This kind of weather can make running almost impossible, but lucky for me impossible has never stopped me.

Tonight, I went out to the mountain bike trails at SIUE and took my spycam with me. The boys were coming a little later, but I needed to get my run in early so I took off. Since there was so much ice under the snow the ground was really hard and the snow gave it a little traction. It was actually pretty easy to run on and the only foot prints I saw belonged deer and rabbit. I was having a great run, stopping to take pictures of the ice in the trees.

The spycam has some good features, like a timer, so I sat the spycam on a branch and took a couple picture of myself on the icy trails. I also took some video, and you know what I hate, the spycam video always makes me look really fat, I mean it looks like I have a JLo booty, why is that. Well it could be that I do have a JLo booty, but I’m really hoping it’s the camera. I’m going to do some research on skinny cams and then I’m going to buy the best one I can find. Come back soon to see the upcoming skinny cam videos.


  1. I like that timer function. Of course, that would require me using something other than my phone (which also makes me look fat...allll the phone. Really). I stuck to my neighborhood. Looks like your run was much prettier.

  2. I don't know Robin, I was thinking it is more like a Sandra Bullock butt. I could be delusional from cabin fever though.