Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Kind of Business Trip

Business trips are usually inconvenient and not usually what you call fun. So I always try to find something that makes the trip a little more interesting. This trip was to Huntington Beach California. I stayed at the Hilton Waterfront hotel, which is located just across the street from the beach.

So at 5:30 in the morning I headed out for run along the beach. I also took my adventure cam along for some pictures. It was 43 degrees and overcast and still kind of dark outside.

As I ran along the beach I saw surfers pulling on wetsuits getting ready to hit the waves.

What I also found funny was that at 43 degrees, I had on knickers and a long sleeve tech shirt and felt overdressed and hot, but all the locals I saw running had on fleece jackets, long tights, hats and gloves. I just kept trying not to laugh, they would never make it in the Midwest winters.

I also saw a guy running in a Mizzou hoodie and a biker wearing a pair of Illini bike shorts, so there are some Midwesterners living out there.

AND then…. I flew into St Louis, to pouring down rain, high winds and cold temperatures. I guess business trips aren’t all that bad.


  1. I love that first beach picture!

    Definitely not such welcoming weather here...trails will be a muddy mess this weekend. :-/

  2. well son of a beach! while we were suffering back here you were "working" on your beach running skills. You must pay!